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Monday, September 11, 2006

Sustainable development - a question of balance?
Talking of sustainable development you usually refer to three aspects; the environmental, the economic and the social aspect. There are as many definitions of sustainable development as there are lecturers in the subject. One definition, I have heard some times are; “creating a good life for the citizen living in the city.”

I think the core issue is to have the opportunity to self-fulfilment without intruding on other people’s interests. The whole thing is a question of balance; between nations, cities, individuals etc. One way to reach the balance or equilibrium is to have a fruitful dialogue with the surroundings. When something is to be developed by your hand you have to have a dialogue with your neighbours so they can affect your plans not disturbing them to much etc. Going in the direction of sustainable development takes time and often you will get annoyed on obstacles laid in front of you by other people. And perhaps, sometimes you can’t self-realize to the extent you would like to.

Our urge for self-realization is perhaps the largest obstacle to sustainable development, both in individual and national perspective? Or, what do you think? Would we have sustainable development with a more altruistic approach? Or wouldn’t there be any development at all then?


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