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Monday, August 28, 2006

A lot of energy could have been saved…..
I remember in 1973 when we had the energy crisis and were recommended to turn out the light when we leaved a room. Now the Swedish government has given the Swedish Energy Agency a commission once again to teach the Swedes to save energy. Because we have forgotten, or? Although, the households buy energy efficient apparatus they buy so many more devises. The households spend more and more energy, as they consume a lot more comfortable things. We consume more energy because we want to do more things and do it in a comfortable way, and the market wants to earn more money on us. And the politicians are happy if we spend more money and keep the wheels rolling so that they get money to finance the society’s costs. It’s not only the squirrel that runs in a wheel.

Everybody knows that our energy consumption has an impact on the environment. Many people use too much energy and many don’t have any access to energy at all. The political force to get us to save energy does not seem to be for the reason of the environment, moreover it seems to be a question of the voter’s money. Why didn’t the politicians hang on to the harsh energy saving programme, as in 1973. Then, we would have a much better situation today.


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