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Friday, September 01, 2006

Those fantastic flying machines
All the big companies; Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa SAS, etc now fly much more over Swedish territory on the long flights to China and Asia. This increases the amount of airplanes over Sweden enormously and also the Swedish Airport and Air Navigation Service, finances as well. It also increases the amount of outlets of for example particles and nitrogen’s. I read about it sitting on the train on my way to Stockholm for a conference for heads of environment agencies.
In a way it is fantastic with airplanes. It’s surprising that they can get up in the air and take you to all foreign distances. But, it’s a pity that they have to let out so big amount of air pollution and use fossil fuel. It ought to be quite a potential to develop the planes in a more environmental friendly way. Why hasn't it been done then? I think there hasn’t been enough pressure from the society in form of legislation. The regulation for air traffic has been more of safety legislation and the fact that planes move over so many countries territory makes it difficult to harmonize the legislation.
I saw there was a study done the days after the 11:th of September when there wasn’t any planes in the air, and it was an astonishing difference in the air pollution situation. The air was so bright and clear compared with an ordinary day with planes in the air. There is a theory that the particles in the air, descending from airplane outlets, slow down the effects of climate changes. I’m not sure what to think about that, are you? Basically I think we must try to decrease the man-made outlets.

The picture is the chapel at the Air Force Academy , Colorado.


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