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Friday, September 08, 2006

The inconvenient truth
Today there were reportages in several Swedish newspapers about the premier of “The inconvenient truth” It could have been about the political campaign before the Swedish election, were members in the liberal party has been accused for hacking in the social democrats intranet. But of course, it’s about Al Gore’s meeting with the Swedish royalties marketing of his new film about the climate change. When he was here a year ago and talked in the same matter for leaders of big company’s media wasn’t interested. This time, he got better publicity.
Myself, I have been in Gothenburg on a conference for technicians in public works, planning and environment. I attended a session that dealt with sustainable development which discussed the questions of traffic planning, planning of new city centres, how to plan for sustainable consuming etc. It was quite an interesting day altogether.
But, how many definitions of sustainable development there are. Unfortunately, the ecological aspect isn’t taken seriously enough, when city centres and likewise are planned. It’s a question of political will, courage and dedication at the end. To get that it needs motivation. I guess that is Al Gore’s idea with this film “The inconvenient truth”. Perhaps it’s a little business also, but that’s OK as long as a good business idea and sustainable development goes hand in hand with each other.


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