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Sunday, September 10, 2006

A lot of figures – what do they stand for?
Today, we have an outlet from transports of 6, 5 tons per capita in Sweden. What should the target be? I heard the figure, 2 tons on Friday on a conference in Gothenburg. Most of today environment politic has a tendency to deal with a lot of figures. It is not easy to imagine what all figures stand for. It is a lot of assumptions behind the figures. Remember that we have newly recognised the climate changes and that we dosn't know the mechanisms behind very well yet. So, many of the goals we see are only guesses about what we must reach, with a lot of assumptions and calculations behind.

What we do know, is that we have to change our lifestyles, at least in the developed countries. That is a challenge as good as any. But of course we need goals to try achive. It’s only that there’s a tendency to set to many goals and then forget to try and reach them. I think we have to become better in follow-ups and use statistics with some carefulness.


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