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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Heavy rains on both east- and west coast of Sweden reported today. Flooding has occurred in more than one city centre. It begins to feel like everyday occasion with heavy rain etc. We had some thunder and some rain in Karlstad also but not that much.

The mushrooms like this dampness and starts to grow and that’s something to be happy about, although. The experts predict somewhat of explosion of mushrooms next week. The autumn begins and it gets darker in the evenings in our latitude. It is the time for more indoor activities in the evenings but yesterday nigth I was out. We had some really nice sky with stars all over and the milky way twinkled bright. It is nice to be one little human being looking up in the sky and see all those beutiful stars. These experiences of the beuty in nature makes us motivated for preserving actions. As one little human being you can try and affect the climate as little as possible by acting as environmental friendly as possible. There is always possibilities for these almost sacred moments, even in the darkness in the middle of the night.


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