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Friday, August 25, 2006

“You can affect everything, with an exception for the weather”…or can you?
There is a saying that you can affect everything except for the weather. I have met that expression during the whole of my life, and I hear it almost every time there is a weather discussion. I think we have to adjust that saying after what we are continuously learning. We can and do affect the weather. I read an article in the Bolton Globe about the Weather Channel programme “The Climate Code”, coming up in October in US, sent to me by Erica M (thanks for flagging this). Even the rather conservative Weather Channel has realized that the human lifestyle affects the weather. Heidi Cullen at the weather channel says ``The Climate Code" will try to extract global warming from the bottom of inner-city agendas by featuring community activists who are trying to reach people unmoved by Hollywood eco-celebrities and untouched by Al Gore's film ``An Inconvenient Truth." She said the show will attempt to get across the fact that ``the weather isn't apolitical and not an act of God." She added, ``Our hand is now helping to guide it."

In Stockholm, we have one of the world’s longest series of weather data collections. There will be a 250-year anniversary on the 9:th of September this year. Since 1765 there has been someone checking out the temperature etc, of course with a little bit of new equipment and so on, but although, quite amazing. And still, how little we do know about the climate changes. Once, I saw a children’s programme at TV, “Do the fish know what water is” was the title. I think it’s quite applicable on what we know about the climate.
We have another saying “There are nothing such as bad weather, only bad clothes”. We are enjoying that at this moment in Sweden. It’s rain, hail, thunder and hurricanes. There is another saying “ We have the weather we deserve”!


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