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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cooperation in environment and health issues.
In Karlstad we have a twinning with Emthanjeni municipality in Northern Cape, South Africa. In 1998 the first discussions on a partnership between the municipalities of Karlstad and Emthanjeni took place and the following year the two municipalities signed a co-operation agreement. The partnership has since been focused on sustainable development and environmental improvements, just like it is stated in Agenda 21, a north-south exchange of knowledge and interaction. I will tell you more about the results another time.

In 2003 we began to discuss the HIV/Aids problems. In South Africa they have experienced of how fast HIV/Aids can spread amongst the population. According to the WHO there are now more than 1 million people in the subsahara region in Africa, receiving treatment for HIV/Aids.

Together with Save the Children organisation, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Emthanjeni municipality, Hospice organisation (an NGO in Emthajeni) and the ABSA bank, De Aar, South Africa we run an information project about HIV/Aids in the schools in Emthanjeni this year. Young people in the age 18-25 years are trained to be tutors for younger people in the age 12-18 years, and teach them good lifestyle and how to protect yourself from being infected with HIV/Aids or other STD:s. The stakeholders play different roles in the project; our role is to help with the application for funds, practical advisors along the project and helping out with the evaluation.
Cooperation between stakeholders makes a project so much stronger and secures a better chance of success.


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