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Monday, September 04, 2006

Information project
Today we got a visit of a delegation from our twinning city in South Africa, Emthanjeni to Karlstad. We will discuss and begin to evaluate our cooperation in an Hiv/Aids information project, I have written about earlier. I heard on the news that 129 women, infected with Hiv/Aids had sought asylum in Canada today as a protest to the South African politic in the Hiv/Aids issue. Hiv/Aids are a delicate issue in South Africa. In Emthanjeni the mayor is dedicated in the subject to get young people more enlighten in the issue. Let us hope he will be more successful in his mission than the health minister, “Mrs Beetroot” as she is called by South African media. She got her nickname when she ordinate the public to use the right food (for example beetroot) as a protection against Hiv infection awaiting for the right medicine.
The right information about good lifestyle can be a better precaution.


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