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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What if all flats were a bit of “eco-village” style.
I’m a bit surprised that there isn’t that much spoken about the environment before the election on the 17 of September in Sweden. That it cost too much in money or comfort to take measures for a better environment is an old opinion that still rules. It ought to be the opposite from my point of view. But you have to do things right from the beginning, have the right planning and the right structure in society, taxation etc all aiming for a better environment. Now it’s often something extra, a project or something extraordinary, when it comes to doing something for the environment.

Take for example the construction of eco-villages. We have the oldest eco-village “Tuggelite” in Sweden situated in Karlstad. It’s a very nice example of how houses can be constructed and heated in a more environment friendly way. Tuggelite is now 21 year old. We have one more eco-village, “Mjolnartorpet” in Karlstad. It’s quite good to have two eco-villages in the city but imagine if all the other houses built during these 20 years had been constructed in only a bit more environmental friendly way. The reality is that most blocks of flats that have been built during the last 20 years in Sweden hasn’t developed at all in the sense being more energy efficient. That’s a pity, isn’t it?


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