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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What a waste………
I wonder if there are any other issues so complicated to give advices about as waste. In the European Union we have a certain list of what is waste. It ought to be easy and understandable but the definition of waste has altered over the years. There have been the question if there is a value – then it isn’t waste. That was used as an excuse to transfer “waste” from one country to another. Of course it is good if something that seems to be waste is found to have a value and usable for other purposes.

In Sweden we produced approximately 0, 5 ton garbage per person and year of waste from households. The amount of waste from the households is not decreasing that it should do. But we are getting better to separate our waste at the source and that ease the handling of the waste quite good. There are still much do to avoid a lot of hazardous waste are incinerated or put in a landfill site, and of course to stop the use of dangerous chemicals in products. I’m quite convinced that we can do much more in separation of waste both in households and industry. The fiscal incentives must be more efficient constructed and the supervision of the legislation must be effective.


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