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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Harmonisation of labelling of chemicals
What a nice Indian summer we have these days in Sweden, 22 degrees today in Karlstad. We took a walk with our dog in a nearby nature area in the evening. You can perceive a certain sort of mood when the sun sets and it’s still warm. When we walked along the path I reflected over the beauty of nature and one of the threats against it. My thoughts went to chemicals, perhaps because of our dogs olfactory sense reacted so long before ours on different sort of scents or odours.

Some weeks ago I saw that there was a consultation from the EU commission about chemicals. I looked it up and found it in the link below. If you want to you can as a EU citizen give your opinion on the Globally Harmonised System of classification and labelling of Chemicals, GHS.
The internet consultation on the GHS draft Regulation will last from 21/08/06 till 21/10/06. There are useful links and background documents for you depending on how much you want to elaborate before you answer the questionnaire. The GHS provides a harmonised basis for globally uniform environmental, health and safety information on hazardous chemical substances and mixtures. Read more about it in the link.


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