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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Don’t throw bottles or cans in Nature
Have you heard about the two atoms – one of them said “I think I have lost an electron”. The other replied “are you sure about that”. The first again “Yes, I’m positive”. That’s a chemist’s joke.

I was also quite positive when we went off to get money on return bottles and cans this evening. My daughter and some friends of her are rising money for a girl centre in Nairobi as a service at the IB programme. As one activity they collected return cans and bottles in our neighbourhood. All the cans and bottles ended up in our yard and she needed some help. We spent about an hour at the machine that takes care about the cans and bottles. Altogether it ended up to about 40-50 euro, not that bad. But, many of our neighbours seem to by cans and bottles from other countries, Denmark, Germany etc and those are non-returnable here. It’s a pity I think, that neighbouring countries can’t have the same system for these things. Of course, we went to the nearest recycling station with the two sacks of non-returnable bottles and cans. Unfortunately, I know that many other throw them in nature or a little bit better in the garbage can.


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