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Sunday, September 17, 2006

European Mobility Week and the election in Sweden.
Yesterday I visited the town square where the European Mobility Week started in Karlstad. It was a bit chilly in the morning, but after 11 o’clock people started to come and visit the exhibition. My staff has done a nice job with the arrangement I think. People who visited seemed to appreciate the possibility to get some more information about the environment and to participate in different activities. Many people also visited the different party’s cabins for information about the election which too part today. The polling stations closed at 8.00 am and now there are analysing programmes at TV. Earlier, there has been some analysis of what the different political party’s will mean for the environment in Sweden. So far, there seem to be quite close between the two coalitions in the election on the national level. It will be interesting to se what the result will be.

Otherwise we have had some family activities this weekend, so we just about managed to get to the polling station before thay closed at 8.00 am. I have an early morning tomorrow, so I’m not sure a will stay awake all night to get the election result.
If there is a result ready this night, there is to say.


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