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Friday, September 15, 2006

Tomorrow the European Mobility week starts. During 16-22 September more than 800 cities participate during the week and over 1050 cities participate in the day “In town, without my car”. This means that over 166 million people can be reached by the message about climate changes.
In Karlstad we started this morning handing out information and a small bag with refreshments for our bicycling, to school or job, everyday Heroes. Karlstad has participated in the campaign since 2000. Does your city participate in the campaign?

Tomorrow, at Saturday there will be a full programme during the hours10-15 in the city centre. Local politicians will meet the inhabitants and discuss traffic and environment questions, only a day before Election Day. Some of the ice hockey heroes will challenge people in hockey game, there will be information about; energy issues, climate change, physical exercise, air quality in the city centre, nature areas in the city etc. On Tuesday we will arrange the Bicycle Day, Wednesday it is eco-labelling information, Thursday a fiery cross with environment theme, is arranged by pupils in the primary schools along our river in the county and finally on Friday well known people in the city challenge the public to leave the car at home that day. Until today it’s about 200 people taken up the challenge.

Next week a big shopping centre is inaugurated in the middle of the city centre. Our mobility officers will hand out pamphlets with information how the employees in the shopping centre and their customers can visit the centre using the most suitable environmentally transport with the best accessibility.


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