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Monday, August 21, 2006

Make sense…?
More and more of complex legislation gives us more and more of administration at Environment Agencies and less of supervision that the rules are followed. And the advisors to the politicians that push through the proposed bills are fare away from the reality, often they are young rising politicians directly from school. Sometimes you get the impression that some legislation is only a product keeping the media of the back. The more complicated a rule or legislation is the less it can be questioned, because there aren’t anyone that can fully understand the implication of it.
The new legislation often forces the manufacturer or industrialist to more administration and less production, of course all in the name of better environment. And, you know, it is always more satisfactory for the politician to decide about new legislation (or something else new….) than audit what has been done.
I would like to see, more stringency in legislation, less complex rules, more politicians working for real for a better environment and sustainable development. Next month we have election in Sweden and I wonder if there ill be a promising land ahead…..?


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