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Monday, October 22, 2007

Eat locally!
On average, our food travels quite far before it ends up on our plates. The locavores are a group of people that are making an effort to eat only foods grown or harvested within a 100 miles radius of San Francisco for an entire month. They recognize that the choices they make about what foods they choose to eat are important politically, environmentally, economically, and healthfully. In 2005, they challenged people from the bay area (and all over the world) to eat within a 100 mile radius of their home during the month of August. In 2007 they extended the challenge to September. What food grows in your region in the fall? I think, taking up the challenge, is a nice way of paying attention to the food sources you have. It gives you a nice feeling to harvest the potatos you ahve grown on your own land.

You can read more about people blogging at and learn about their locavores experience.


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