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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Swedish mountains
I have been on a mountain tour in the Swedish mountains this week. We were lucky with the weather. It only rained for one night and the days were beautiful. This year we looked mostly at plants but of course there were also some birds to watch. We saw lots of Arctic skuas and one short-eared owl which indicate a good year for rodents in the mountains. There was such a nice floral splendour which almost took the breath out of you. We also enjoyed the experience of an open fire and some trout to grill in the sunset. When you enjoy such a nice glimpse of Nature you wonder what will happen when the climate changes will take part in the landscape. The mountain birch will climb into higher altitudes and we will loose a bit of the soul of the mountain world and the vast expanse of the mountain. There will be a change in both the flora and fauna and you will meat another kind of mountain world.


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