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Friday, September 21, 2007

International Environment Week in Karlstad, Sweden
Since last Saturday, the 15:th, there has been an International Environment Week arranged in Karlstad. There have been lots of arrangements for enlightening the public in environmental issues. The politicians were engaged in a “collecting trash and litter in the city” competition. The centre party won. We had a lot of information about energy issues, air quality, how to wash a car more environmentally friendly, a completely new structure for the bus service was introduced on Monday the 17:th, information about Fairtrade, free entrance to Al Gore’s An inconvenient truth, on Tuesday it was the day of the bicycle in the University campus, etc.
Tomorrow, on Saturday the 22:d there’s a Inline competition in the afternoon, just like it has been in arranged Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen.
By the way, last Saturday, the 15:th, we had a Kick-off in the Echo Action project, which I have written about in my earlier contributions. Have a look at the picture. They are the representatives for 100 families participating in the project. If you are curious about the project look into the website below.


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