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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Are voluntary environment charges the right way to go?
I read in the Swedish newspaper SvD, the other day about how many air travellers that made compensation for their CO2 emission at their charter flight. The travel agency “Fritidsresor” has a goal that 5 % of all travellers shall make compensation for their charter flight. Fritidsresor cooperate with two environment organisations “Atmosfair and Climate Care, where the customers can compensate for CO2 emissions. But, only two out of 50 000 travellers made compensation! In spite of this fact, there are no plans to withdrawn the cooperation with Atmosfair and Climate Care. According to the spokesman for Fritidsresor, Lottie Knutsson, 10 % of Fritidsresors customers are interested in the possibility to compensate for their journeys. You may wonder when the interest of this form of letter of indulgence will be transformed in action.


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