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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tell the European Commission your opinion
The European commission wants your opinion on the adapting to climate changes in Europe. The consultation is open until the 30: th of November this year. I think these consultations aren’t that well-known and not too many people answers as private persons. It is mostly organisations of different kinds that answer. So, make the difference and answer –you don’t have to answer all questions, just the ones that you are interested in.
On Saturday we will open the International Environment week in Karlstad, Sweden. We will also have the kick-off meeting of the Echo Action project. One hundred families will start their work on better environment behaviour. Karlstad is the only city in Sweden participating in the project, but in Europe also Berlin, London, Bourgas, Venice, Bologna etc are in the project. The project concerns about 2000 families in Europe. I will try to keep you updated about the project. You could also take a look on the website:


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