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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Do you need a pesticide for each vermin?
According to the Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate in 2005, a total of 9,290 metric tonnes of pesticides (active substances) was sold in Sweden, which is 46 tonnes less than the previous year. The main part (76 percent) was sold to industry, primarily for wood treatment using pressure and vacuum technology.
The industrial use of pesticides (biocidal products) fell by 809 ton during 2005 compared to the previous year.
In agriculture and horticulture, sold quantities increased by 590 tonnes to 1,665 tonnes and now account for 18 percent of the total sold quantities of pesticides. Household use increased by more than 173 tonnes and use in forestry decreased with 1 tonne.
Do we really need all these sorts of pesticides in our households?


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