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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Look out – fires ahead….
British scientists have found that one third of the forests in the Amazon, China and Central America can be extinct through forest fire, due to climate changes. Instead we can see new forests spreading out in the Arctic. This will happen with a climate change of just 2 degrees and we will see the effects in 100-200 years, according to these scientists. The forests on Earth are bound for some heavy changes.

Up in the north of Sweden we are now experiencing one of the biggest forest fires in modern time. There are 1 500 hectares on fire and estimations show that it will cost approximately 7 million $. And it is only 1, 5 years ago a whole years production of trees blew down in a storm in the south of Sweden. The forest industry is one of the most important export sectors in Sweden. Perhaps it isn’t only the ocean islands that will suffer severely from climate changes? Here in Sweden I have met some people having the opinion that it will be rather nice with some degrees warmer climate here. They haven’t for sure calculated with damages on the economy due to climate changes.


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