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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fairtrade City
Today Karlstad became the 6: th Fairtrade City in Sweden. There were representatives from ngo:s, churches, educational institutions, the municipality, politicians etc assembled in Karlstad manifesting the diploma and information were given to media. Tomorrow there will be activities in the malls, the university, the secondary schools etc with information about fair-trade and possibilities to taste fair-trade labelled bananas and chocolate.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

THE 11: th HOUR
I have just now seen Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie about the climate change problems. First, I think it is really good that people like Leonardo DiCaprio engage themselves in projects like this. I saw the movie with around 100 other people active in our environmental project, as I described a little about yesterday and also earlier in this blog. The idea with our project is to inform, engage and help people to undertake own actions for the environment, with the municipality as supporter. The movie itself was perhaps a little too much of different scientists views about what’s happening to the Earth. However, I will have another view on Leonardo DiCaprio when I see him in the next movie. I think he deserves respect for having a real engagement in the environment and that he wants to influence other people in the issue about global warming etc.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The future of regions in Sweden.
I participated in a conference about the future of the regions in Sweden. The conference took place up in Åre were the apine world championship tokk place last year. Amongst other things also the climate changes were discussed. There was the “easy” economic solution proposed from a professor in economics, of course. We should put our money in the developing countries were it is a better pay off in the emission of green house gases, and there ought to be a global CO2 tax, and it is no use to do so much either for the individual person or a municipality in Sweden. That was his message and it was supported by a doctor in technician issues. Some academic people quite often think they are always right….

I talked about a project we do in Karlstad, were people who wants to reduce their environmental emissions etc, with advices and support. We have over 100 families who participate in the project. But, according the “economic” view, this sort of projects is not so necessary to perform. Read more about the project on the link;