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Friday, September 11, 2009

High level meeting about European cities and how they tackle the Climate challenge in Stockholm the 14-15 of September

It is really good that environment questions in the form of global climate challenge are a subject for high level meetings. But, it has to come out some sort of results soon. There is a continuously change of politicians in the world and new people that have to get acquainted with the subject. The people answering for the negotiations also change but some are the same and stays with their opinion for long time. I think, people in general get tired of these high level meetings where there are no results.

Yesterday, our Prime minister Mr Reinfeldt visited President Zuma in South Africa to discuss which position S.A will take in the negotiations. I think this is one good way to try and lobby to get results at the meeting in Copenhagen. But it’s a lot of more hard work at different levels needed. Of course, it is a great complexity in these questions and several key person’s changes all the time. But until now, I think the high level meetings have been a failure in the eyes of the public.

Irrespective of all the fair words at the high level meetings it seems to be much of “business as usual” at the next moment in most countries. I hope I will be proven to be wrong when the meeting in Copenhagen have been held!