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Monday, May 28, 2007

A new Committee
Last week, the European Parliament appointed a temporary committee for the climate change issue. Isn’t it quite funny, appointing a temporary committee for such an issue? The committee shall amongst other things draw up a proposal for the European Union climate politics and coordinate the views in the international negotiations about the climate politic after 2012. The committee consists of 60 delegates, not that small and handy committee perhaps, but with representation from different groups and parties.
The commissioner for environment, Stavros Dimas, believes that the committee has an important mission and will have an important role against the countries outside of the European Union.
I hope this committee really will give a sufficient input in the efforts against the climate changes through its work, and not only enlarge the emissions of greenhouse gases by the transports they have to do to get to the meetings!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Good business for the Insurance companies
In Sweden an Insurance consortium was constructed in 1989. Since then the Swedish companies have paid about 360 million Swedish crowns to the consortium. Only 6,5 million have been paid by the consortium to reconstruct the environment since then. It seems to be a very profitable business for the Insurance companies. Of 69 applications for funding, 66 has been rejected. There is no transparency in the selection because the companies mean that this could impair the competition. During the first ten years only 6 025 Swedish crowns were paid out compared to the income of 250 million crowns. Good business for the insurance companies but what about the environment?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Is it necessary?
I read in a newspaper that, the fact that the EU parliament moves to Strasbourg cost 1,8 billion per year and the emission of carbon dioxide is estimated to approximately 19000 ton. It covers the flights for the parliamentarians as well as the 15 of Lorries for the working papers. That’s the same as 13000 far distance flights.
Do they really have to go to Strasbourg once a month? Why not twice a year? Could it be changed?