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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Growth, to what extent?

I saw an interview with a Swedish Eu politician Anders Wijkman, at the blog Klotet, Swedish radio. He was glad about the so called Stiglitz commission, with not less than four Nobelprize winners and the British Nicolas Stern, dealing with how to express GDP with regard to the environment as well. The Stiglitz commission is searching after new ways to describe economical equality, sustainable development and quality of life. Anders Wijkman said – there are limits for growth, although certain economists want accept it but it’s a fact. We live on a limited planet. He like The french initiative from Nicolas Sarkocy, with the Stiglitz commission.

He is right I think. We have to find economic instruments to measure and value how to develop the materials on Earth in the most sustainable way. Until now “the economical laws”, mostly treasured by economists and politicians, has lead us the wrong way in how to get as much real value as possible in a sustainable way. Let’s hope that the Stiglitz commission will make a good job.