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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Carbon Rationing Action Groups are evolving in many places in the UK. Gather a group of 12 friends and neighbours, meet every sixth week, set a goal for the emission level per person (for 06/07 the goal is 4 500 KG CO2), negotiate a price per kg that you have to pay if over emitting CO 2 ( 5P is a normal price this year, but it’s varies), and you have started a CRAG. Read more about it on the link

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Personal emission rights?
How far could the market with carbon dioxide emissions be developed? Gordon Brown has his view that UK could become the centre of a global market for greenhouse gases emissions. He talks about a market built in the same way as the European system for carbon dioxide market. With such a system the emission rights would be divided equal between the inhabitants. Each time you travel by plane or fuel the car a part of your emission rights are withdrawn from your emission account. If the rights end you have to by from other people that have some left. I wonder what level of emission rights that shall be distributed to each person? And how shall we control how companies and firms will be used for private purpose? But still, such a system is a fascinating concept. As always, there's just a few questionmarks …..

Friday, April 13, 2007

Back again
Ok, back again. The break lasted for a little more than two weeks. We get a foretaste of the summer in Karlstad today, the sun shines and the birds are singing. It’s easy to be in good spirit such a day.
Have you heard about the new congestion charges in Stockholm coming up? The congestion charge is reintroduced by the 1 of August 2007 with some small changes. The money from the charges will be used for investments in road structure and not in public transport and the charges will be deductible for both companies and private persons. There are some more changes and also July will be free of charges. The parliament will make the final decision before summer. I wonder if the new scheme will serve the purpose of a better environment and less congestion?