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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Extreme Spring flood this year?
This year the river Klaralven, flowing through Karlstad, may experience an extreme spring flood. Last time was in 1995, when I remember people used to go down to the river each evening to estimate the margin before their houses would be effected by the water.
The reason why, one should be worried, is that the snow quantity in the Norwegian mountains in many places are more than 50-80 % than usual. The rescue departments in the county are although better prepared than in 1995, so perhaps the damages can be limited.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Environmental Health Collaboration
Tomorrow the Environmental Health Collaboration in my County Wermland will officially start. The project will be number nine of its kind in Sweden and the aim is to make the supervision of the legislation in the Environmental Code more effective and to with held the competence of the staff in the environmental agencies. The local authorities will get support by the project with checklists, legislative summaries, fact sheets etc. The project will also arrange conferences and extension courses for the environment officers.
The projectleader will be stationed at the Environment Agency in Karlstad.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Shaking hands with Oren Lyons
Today we had the pleasure to have Oren Lyons, the traditional Faith keeper of the Wolf Clan and Native American, to visit us in Karlstad. He is a member of the Seneca Nation and of the Six Nations of the
Iroquois Confederacy, in northern New York State. First, he met a class in one of the secondary schools and had a speech and discussion with them and later on he met professionals working with environment issues in Karlstad and some politicians. He made a very good speech about the global warming and our lifestyles. He certainly got the spirit and capability to captivate the audience and also the warmth and humbleness which makes his message to get through. It was a pleasure to meat him and he made us reflect on the state of the Earth and how we as human beings should act.
Oren Lyons arrived in Sweden on the 2: d of April and will do a tour, visiting four Swedish cities and on the 8: Th of April he will talk to the Swedish Parliament.