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Thursday, June 28, 2007

New meeting for the Ministers of Environment in the European Union

Today the Ministers of Environment meets in Luxemburg to discuss the emissions of carbon dioxide from cars among other items. I have written about the proposal from the Commission about this before, the 7: Th of February this year. The commission wants to lower the limit values of greenhouse gases to 130 gram per kilometer by 2012. And through other measures, better fuels and tires, the commission hopes to reach 120 gram per kilometer by 2012. The Swedish government supports this proposal and probably the Ministers will agree upon this today.
Then we will see how the nations will implement this in their measures back home.
Today the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency suggests radical higher tax on gasoline and diesel with 0,75 SEK and to increase the tax on the vehicles for those who drives vehicles that have high emissions. We will see what the government will say about this.


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