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Monday, November 13, 2006

Road safety
It’s a rainy day in Karlstad and dark already at four o’clock, but in the morning it was -4 degrees Celsius and somewhat slippery in the bicycle lane. Did you know that in this latitude and north of many people uses studded tyres on their bicycles? Road safety is another side of the environmental coin when it comes to traffic issues. Measures for Road Safety and the environment often goes hand in hand with each other. More than 40 000 people die in the traffic in the European Union in one year, and several hundred thousands are injured. Karlstad municipality has signed the European Road Safety Charter, and participates in the SAFE campaign and thus has undertaken some activities to strengthen the work with road safety. There are road safety goals in the Transport Strategy (you can find an English version in the link below) and a new programme for road safety, activities in schools, safer bike lanes etc. By the end of November there will be an Award ceremony in Brussels and Karlstad will have an information poster about the results achieved so far at the venue.


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