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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Swedish environment priorities in EU 2007-2009
The Swedish Environmental Agency has released a new report about what they see to be the most interesting questions in the environmental area for the coming years. They emphasize the climate and energy issues, the protection of wild animals and vegetation as well as sustainable development. It deals about cutting the emissions of greenhouse gases after the first part of the Kyoto treatment. It’s also about stopping the depletion of the biodiversity. Sustainable ways of consumption, production and use of nature resources has to be promoted, it says in the report.

I can agree with this but there are more things which are worth mentioning. There are for example the waste handling and recycling issue, sustainable public procurement and to find the right level of details in the legislation. Most of the FN-, EU- and national strategies are actually carried out on the local level and we experience that they are not so often harmonised, which they ought to be. I will, with interest follow what the Swedish environmental department will prepare for in the environmental area, when it’s time for Sweden to be chairing the council of ministers in EU.


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