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Monday, October 30, 2006

Remember-there will be nobody to blame
Today I listen to Tony Blair presenting the most important report his government has put forward during his presidency. The report has been taken ahead by Sir Nicholas Stern a former chief economist in the World Bank. (I think it’s just a coincidence that the former boss of the Swedish secretariat for a Sustainable development in the Prime Minister’s Office was named Stefan Stern) It is one major report on the cost of the climate changes. It says that if nothing is done as much as 5-20 % of the GDP:s must be spent on mitigating the effects caused by the climate changes. But if measures are taken instantly the cost can be limited to not more than 1 % of the GDP. He points out that much depends on how much China, India and the US can decrease their emissions. You find the report in the link below.

On the Swedish news yesterday and today it’s was also discussed which geographical areas in Sweden that will be most effected by the climate changes and how. Professor Sten Bergstrand was interviewed and he pointed out Karlstad as one of the cities that could be most effected by flooding. Models show that both existing and planned buildings pose a risk of being flooded. I felt a sort of understanding that when the effects comes along there will be no one pledging guilty for the decisions taken us ahead one the road leading to these difficulties, nor globally or locally. Not even George Bush, although he has been claiming it’s too expensive for the US lifestyle to fulfil the Kyoto agreement.

Speaking of the Kyoto agreement, the European Union (the 15 states formation) seems not to fulfil their commitment decreasing their emissions of carbon dioxide by 8 % 1990 to 2008. The best results are reached in Great Britain and Sweden and you find Denmark and Spain in the bottom according the Swedish TV news.


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