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Friday, November 10, 2006

Optimism needed
In these days it is easy to get pessimistic of all the things about climate changes and environmental disaster in the media. There’s a need for optimism. Is it possible to dig up some good things, things going in the right direction? Well, merely the fact that the climate changes are recognised by the public is a factor to feel optimism about. The more people being aware of the effects make better possibility for action to prevent environmental damages. More than ever governments speak about the fact that actions have to be taken to mitigate the effects from climate changes. We must remember that in these days the press is mostly focusing on things going in the wrong direction. It’s easy to feel depressed and resigned by all articles about environment disaster ahead.

Actually, more and more money are spent on environmental investments. Politicians and the public are more aware of the climate changes than ever. This is positive for the measures for a better environment. To be motivated to adopt a new lifestyle you have to see a possibility to change the development. You must feel that many people are as motivated as you are. In Venice, they have carried out the first phase of the project “Cambieresti” – Would you like to change? They gathered over 600 households taking part in group activities, learning more about the environment and how to undertake action for a better environment. Knowing that they were quite a lot of people in the same action strengthened their motivation, I think. If you manage the Italian language have a look at the link about Cambieresti. Otherwise, I will tell you more about the project later on.


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