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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Energy issue
Almost every day you can read in the newspapers about energy crises and the climate changes. In Financial Times, Wednesday, I read the editorial comment about the International Energy Agency’s “World Energy Outlook”. The IEA speaks well for building of new nuclear power plants; they even mean that the economics have moved in favour of nuclear power. IEA also speaks more broadly about potential payback by energy efficiency. Like in the Stern report IEA establish that the US, China and India are the big players in the issue of carbon dioxide emissions. I can agree with the editor in his final remark that it’s time for the world to take energy savings seriously and to remember that the most energy efficient power plant of all is the one that does not get built.

Getting there, not needed to build a new power plant, all end-users of energy are important main figures. The Echo Action project in the Intelligent Energy Europe programme aims to give the right tools for the end-users of energy to give an input to the energy savings. I will come back to this issue and describe the targets and measures we work with in the project, later on. Soon I will watch the first programme on Swedish TV “The Planet” that I have advertised in this blog earlier.


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