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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Public transport still popular in Stockholm
Sunday morning, been out with the dog and read the newspapers afterwards. I saw in the paper that he September figures for people going by public transport into Stockholm has risen with 12 % compared with the same period last year. The experiment with congestion charges in Stockholm started at the 3 of January this year and was finalised by the end of July this year. Perhaps so many as 12 % have stayed with their new mode of commuting? Still, one must remember that the measurement is done over a short period. To change habits one must have a rather strong influence or occasion that makes you really change your usual behaviour. The congestion cgarging scheme is that sort of strong occasion, Although, it’s a bit surprising to me that still as many as 12 % has stayed with their new mode of transport. The gas prices for example as decreased a little by the latest. This also indicates that it wouldn’t be good if the extra bus lines put in traffic for the experiment would be taken away next year. I think that many of the stockholmers would appreciate a new period with congestion charges?


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