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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Political discussion and birds
Today, there was a discussion in the Swedish parliament about what actions the new government will suggest to mitigate the effects of climate changes. The minister for environment stated that the government will suggest realistic actions founded on scientific basis. There seems to be a gap between the former government more goal-oriented politic and the ministers statement. Often the best action is somewhere in between to get the best practical result. But that’s the arena for politicians - to shape a good environmental politic. But it seems like parliaments in the world are to slow in finding the right tools, doesn't it?

Tomorrow there’s a new programme in the Planet series and it will discuss the fact about extinct species. I heard on another TV programme that Sweden is hit pretty hard by a decrease in several bird species. Of all breeding bird species in Sweden 46 % has shown to be decreased in number. Some species like the crane and the geese are increasing in number, while other like the starling and different sparrows are decreasing.


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