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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Climate changes
Today, the secretary-general in the United Nations expressed his fear for the effects of the climate changes at the conference in Nairobi. He criticised the world leaders for not taking the treat of climate changes seriously enough. On the TV news, we saw reportage from the municipality Woking, west of London, were they have used the latest technique for reducing the carbon dioxide emissions, and they have succeeded. They have, according to the news, reduced the emissions of carbon dioxide with more than 70 %! The environmental director there has been recruited by Ken Livingstone to London to get some bigger challenge. In London the insurance companies now discuss if they will be capable of insuring new buildings in London. The main part of the programme dealt with the climate changes.

In the light of how much media is reflecting this issue and that Karlstad has been in focus for expected flooding it is surprising that the local building firms not seems to have reflected on the issue. They think it’s going to be business as usual, it seems. I think it was something of that attitude as Mr Annan targeted when he criticised world leaders for thinking its business as usual ahead.


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