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Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Planet
I watched the second programme in the series the Planet this week. It is perhaps a little bit to fateful, but it really puts the finger on how unsustainable the life on earth is today. The most difficult thing is to get people to take action before something has happened. Prevention work is not easy to communicate, at least not in subjects as climate changes, and the cause of that. The best thing is if one can find connections with other things in society when suggesting people to change behaviour.

Some time ago I looked at some drawings I did in school, in the premiere class I think. We had the task to draw a picture of how we thought a car would look like in the 2000 century. That was a typical suggestion in “the car society decade” in the school, in the beginning of the 60’s. My imagination about the car was that it would be more like a crossing between a space ship and a Fred Flintstone car. But has the car actually evolved that much during the years? How will the next 50 years look like? There are a lot of challenges to coop with to make the world go around without collapsing.


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