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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ten Years of Energy Labelling of Domestic Appliances
The energy labelling of domestic appliances is compulsory and common to all EU states. The objective is to help the consumers choose more energy-saving domestic appliances and to spur on product development in the direction towards manufacturing and selling more energy-saving models.
The Swedish Consumer Agency has been the supervisory authority and has had responsibility for the work that is described here. Since 1 January 2005 the Swedish Energy Agency is the supervisory authority in Sweden and will be checking that regulations are conformed to.
The report contains ten years’ of collated experience from the work with compulsory energy labelling 1995–2005. I read it yesterday and saw satisfactory that the stores in Karlstad used the labelling quite well. The study shows that it pays of to enforce the use of energy labelling. The consumers get a better chance to make a choice that is good for the environment and the private economy in the long run. You can read the report on the link below.


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