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Friday, August 11, 2006

Fun – but a little crazy, or isn’t it?
Around 25 degrees and you fancy some cross-country skiing? Although, Sweden is a northern country, that ought to be impossible. A young friend of mine took the car 100 km together with a mate today, to do some cross-country skiing. There is a ski tunnel inaugurated one week ago which they wanted to try. Have a look at:

Fantastic, what can be achieved if you only have the monetary means. There is only one thing you can’t read about on the website; the energy costs. Well, they skied 25 km in the tunnel, at a temperature of -2 degrees, went by car 200 km, and had a really nice day. I, myself, went for a jog with my wife with at a temperature of +26 degrees, 6 km. It was also really nice as well, but a bit hot. What a difference in energy balance.

The tunnel helps to avoid cancelled ski tournament due to lack of snow (perhaps due to climate changes?) and perhaps helps the Swedes to win ski tournaments. We already since long time play ice hockey in buildings and we get indoor soccer arenas. Engineers can construct a lot to let us avoid the outdoor weather when we want to do some leisure activities. But it costs some energy. How much can we afford? As always, that’s depends on who is paying the bill. We ought to say thank you to Italy, France, Germany and the rest of EU because the ski tunnel is financed partly with EU funds.


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