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Monday, August 14, 2006

Can you feel anything about energy?
We visited the cottage during the weekend. It is a very pleasant place with low noise levels and a more, sort of slow living. There is an earth cellar; a great place to store vegetables, wine etc in. It feels very nice knowing that there is no extra energy needed to get that nice temperature, just treating mother earth the right way and make use of the laws of thermodynamics. The wood heated sauna by gives the same feeling. To get 90 degrees with the use of just 6-8 firewood’s is fantastic.
Back home in the city we have a refrigerator driven by electricity – it doesn’t give the same feeling as the earth cellar– but of course it is much more comfortable.

New techniques can be rather energy efficient and comfortable, but what about the “energy feeling”? A challenge for designers would be to create new techniques that give us some sort of reluctance to consume more energy than necessary for the goods and services we use the energy for. Take for instance hand powered radios. Of course the products must be energy efficient and as clean as possible in production, that’s also a part of the “energy feeling”. I think the feeling comes when you know you get as much goods and services out of as little and natural energy transformation as possible.


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