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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

You got to have split vision
I’m a member in the enforcement and regulation council. It is a body for cooperation between Swedish public authorities concerning enforcement and regulation matters in association with the Swedish Environmental Code.
One of the main tasks is to coordinate the national authorities in their work with guidance to regional and local authorities. If you are more curious about the work in the council visit the website
Its interesting meeting the national level view for me and my colleague from the Swedish Association of Local Authorities in the council. Although, sometime it is a bit frustrating to see how far from each other the different levels are in the everyday work. International and national legislation and policies are often not that easy to supervise or enforce in the daily work at the local level. Perhaps the experience from work at the local level often is missing in the teams writing the drafts for the politicians. Change of views could be something to train and use more often in policymaking and in drafts of legislation. The enforcement and regulation council is one platform to share a vision of how the Swedish Environmental Code can be enforced.


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