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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Keep Europe moving!
That’s the name of the midterm review of EU:s white paper for transports. And it really pinpoints that Europe should keep on moving, whatever it takes. Mobility is one of the new European human rights, it seems. Of course, it also states that we have to try and fix the inconvenient things which is the backside of transports; outlets of exhaust gases, land barriers, noise levels, traffic deaths and accidents etc.
But transports and mobility seems to be the engine in the growth of Europe whatever it takes. The discussion of decoupling the growth of transport from the economic growth seems to have totally disappeared.

Working with transport issues in a local level makes you feel like-what sort of moving is it that is needed? Will it be enough with idling on the spot, like the training in the military? I thought it might be ok, if we move the goods, for example food and garbage far enough. We already have that situation that your breakfast is far more a globetrotter than yourself. Perhaps that’s what the midterm review tries to say us. Locally you have to challenge your breakfast in being the outmost traveller! That’s your contribution to get the economy in Europe to flourish. It’s like the climate changes, traffic deaths and accidents are forgotten for a while. I wonder how much we must move to keep the economy growing. Is it really so that growth of transports is needed for economic growth? The midterm review of the white paper on transports isn’t a hit from my point of view.


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