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Saturday, August 05, 2006

"Money makes the world go around, the world go around”
sang Liza Minelli in Cabary several years ago. But is it really money that makes the world go around? Isn’t it energy in the form of nuclear power plants, fossil fuels, and the sun, human manpower etc which keeps the world goes around? It seems as the economists more and more realizes that’s how it works, money is just a human invention. And the natural laws are much more powerful than the economical laws.

Half of the nuclear power plants in Sweden have been shut down due to safety problems, last weeks. We have also had a very dry summer which means that the water reserves for water power plants haven’t been filled up. The price of electricity rises immediately. The price setting mechanisms in the field of energy is complicated. Unfortunately, it isn’t like environmentally nice energy used becomes cheep and environmentally not that nice energy used get expensive for the customer. Even the bills sent to the customers are so complicated that we need help from experts (like those in Rådrummet that I wrote about yesterday) to understand why it is so expensive. And the scarcer the energy is the more money earns the energy companies.

“Energy makes the world go around”, but it is a lot of companies, people getting rich on the way, even when we start using sun-, wind power. I think I know why it has taken so long time for us to get power from the sun and the wind in our energy system! The big energy companies hasn’t until recently figured out how to be able to construct a complicated system so they can get rich on distributing the new energy sources to us, without owning the sun or the wind. I mean it isn’t like owning an oil well or a river or a nuclear power plant!
We will get sun power and wind power now when it’s possible to get rich for someone on it. Perhaps the song isn’t that wrong, maybe it is money that makes the world go around?


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