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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cholera in Sweden!!
These days the Swedish newspapers write about some cases of people bathing in the sea catching Cholera. It is not the severe form of cholera which ravaged in Sweden back in the middle of the 1800: s century. But still there are a handful of people that have got severe wounds on the legs due to these bacteria, Vibrio cholera. The bacteria have been found in both salt and fresh water, not so abundant, but still. The summer in Sweden has so far been very warm and still is. There is a discussion if the climate changes can cause these little surprises in a near future.

Better environmentally adapted transports and energy systems, saving in the natural resources, sustainable development can hinder the climate changes caused by mankind. But it takes a lot of politics, media, legislation, people’s behaviour to accomplish some small steps in the right direction. It’s like starting up a blogg late in the evening. It can be done even if you are tired and it is difficult with the language etc. So, let’s start everybody. Start changing the world in the right direction!


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