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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I was at the dental hygienist today…
In a paper I read that researchers at Uppsala University have investigated 12 dentist surgeries and their outlets of mercury from amalgam. It shows that as an average there is an emission of 14,5 gram per dentist chair and year. Although, these dental surgeries had an amalgam segregator installed. They are meant to stop the emission of amalgam but lets through about 20 %. Today, there is new technical solution, a metal filter which can take away the rest of the emissions. If we translate the emission of mercury from dentists in Sweden the emission to nature will be 100 kilogram per year. I wonder what the figure is for the rest of the world. Let’s hope that the pace of installation of the new metal filter accelerates.
Well this is something you may consider the next time you sit in the dental hygienist chair. I have a new appointment in next month. You must keep your teeths in good condition in spite of all.


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