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Friday, October 13, 2006

Train versus cars
I went to Stockholm yesterday, by train. I overheard a discussion from two persons in front of my seat. They discussed how to travel to Stockholm. The man used to go by train, he thought it was convenient to go by train and do some work at the same time. The woman said she used to go by car every time, this time was an exception. She felt freer in the car, she said. Usually it’s the other way around, the man using the car and the woman going by public transports. None of them considered the environmental dimension in using the train instead of the car for this journey. Of course there are also always other prerequisites for using the car or the train.
But I think it’s a memo for us working with communication to change people’s habits and behaviour in transports. It is often a good thing to communicate the change of mode in transport in a broader manner. For example, take the train and have the possibility to do a little work or reading, having coffee and sandwich or just take a nap and at the same time do the environment a favour.


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