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Friday, June 12, 2009

Pessimism about negotiations about green house gases

How will they (heads of governments) succeed with next Climate agreement? I listened to the Swedish negotiator Lars-Erik Liljelund last week and I must say that he was rather pessimistic. He thought the negotiations wouldn’t be solved before the heads of governments sits down and possible not at all. There hasn’t been that much of real progress since 2001 and the Kyoto agreement. But of course a lot of talk and promises.

Today I read about what the Japanese Prime minister said yesterday; they are only ready to decrease their emissions of greenhouse gases by 15 % in 2020 counted from 2005. Calculating from1990 that’s only 2% more to accomplish, than what they promised in the Kyoto agreement from 1997.The Japanese government ought to be a shame, the fifth largest emitter of greenhouse gases and on of the large economies in the world, not performing better Climate politics. I share the pessimism with Lars-Erik Liljelund.


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