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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Car industry, infrastructure investments and the financial crises.

What about your environmental adaptation of the celebration of Christmas? Buying less Christmas gifts? Making more of them by your self? That’s not good according the governments in Europe (and the rest of the world perhaps). We ought to consume more to make the economy better according to the governments. But of course they doesn’t say it right out. The governments want to protect the jobs and in that battle almost everything is accepted. Otherwise they will not be re-elected. Buy a new car to save the jobs in the car industry? New developments and promises are fulfilled by new economical innovations that make it possible to get things without having the money. How many billions of tax payers money has been promised to the car industry the latest weeks? A smaller part of this money has been conditioned to be used for new, more environment friendly techniques. Most money in the EU system for infrastructure investments is spread out in the EU without any obligations that the investments must be environment friendly or sustainable. The EU society counts on the national governments to take care of the environment when they make the investment in infrastructure. Smaller parts of money is set off to take care of smaller projects for sustainable energy use and more environment friendly transports as the big wheels in the system keeps pumping out money without any conditions on sustainability and environment. You may become a little disappointed on the system but keep on working with the small projects because someday they will come through to the politicians and they will see that they have to change their paradigm of economy and development. Hopefully there will come out something good of the financial crisis and the climate change threats, but I’m not sure.


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